Chicago Coin Band Box: Old Animatronics Not Dead

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In the competitive world of custom animatronics, companies like Custom Entertainment Solutions strive to remain at the cutting edge of the industry. Designers and creators always want the latest technologies and the most realistic simulations in order to wow their customers. However, an old creation from the former Chicago Coin vending company has proved one thing: old animatronics are not dead.

In the 1950s, Chicago Coin manufactured an animatronic product known as Band Box. It was designed to be installed on top of a jukebox as a way of encouraging people to put their coins in to hear their favorite tunes. Band Box was a miniaturized, animatronic big-band featuring tuxedo clad musicians and a lead singer on stage. It even had a curtain that opened and closed at just the right time.

When customers inserted coins and chose their favorite tunes from the jukebox, the curtain automatically opened to reveal the miniature band in all their glory. Arms moved, heads rotated back and forth, and a good time was had by all. By all accounts, the animatronics were primitive compared to today’s technology. Yet nonetheless, restored versions of Band Box continue to amaze viewers.

The Talk of the Town

At the Nutcracker Family Restaurant in Pataskala, Ohio, a restored Band Box sitting on the jukebox is the highlight of many a visit to the eatery. And why not? The restaurant’s 1950s decor and overall theme is the perfect environment for this time-honored piece of Americana. Nutcracker owners Steve and Nancy Butcher told the Newark Advocate that customers come in from all over just to see Band Box. It is the talk of the town as far as they are concerned.

It turns out that the Butchers are not the only ones experiencing this phenomenon. The rarity of Band Box and its nostalgia value make it the centerpiece of quite a number of restaurants around the country fortunate enough to have gotten their hands on one. And may we say, that’s not easy. The 1950s version of Band Box was only produced for a couple of years and in limited numbers. Chicago Coin produced earlier versions of the 30s and 40s, but they were never hugely successful. They are not very desirable among collectors either. However, people want the 1950s Band Box with jukebox integration.

The Appeal of Nostalgia

To understand the appeal of first- and second-generation animatronics, one only need observe the people who stand around gazing at Band Box. Whom do you see? You see older folks reminiscing of days gone by along with younger children who are engrossed by the animated features. Whom do you not see? You do not see older children and young adults. They find it boring.

The appeal of these older animatronics is one of nostalgia. People who enjoy them hearken back to simpler days when life was not as complicated. They are the same folks who go to Disney’s It’s a Small World exhibit year after year, still amazed and inspired by the animatronic fixtures first created in the 1960s. And of course, the young kids love them because of their bright colors, movement, and generally cheery demeanor.

We are indeed living in a day and age where technology has pushed animatronics to levels of realism never before imagined. Nevertheless, that does not mean older animatronics are dead. In fact, they are not. They are alive and well in all sorts of venues including Chicago Coin’s Band Box. And as far as we’re concerned, we hope they stick around perpetually. They are great source of creative inspiration and fond memories.

Why Use Electronic Cigarettes?

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Why Use Electronic Cigarettes?

Due to the numerous kinds of death cases we have experienced in the past and yet to experience in the future, solutions are what people are searching for when it comes to effects of cigarette smoking. There have been all sorts of warnings, education, examples and personal experiences nonetheless people seem to be hooked to such kind of habits. Such is mainly as a result of ignorance and unwarranted presumptions which overshadow the real dangers of smoking. Researchers believe that people are not really worried by dangers posed by smoking since such are not always imminent – and recommend e cigarettes like the halo e cig.

Although there are a number who smoke under the belief that the risks are not likely to occur, there are others who have different smoking tendencies. You will find that there are a very wide number of smokers, probably millions who would prefer living without smoking but have nonetheless found themselves in an addict’s position. When such is the case, you will then find that the help of a physician is the only resort. Electronic cigarettes were basically invented and allowed into the market for use so as to aid with cessation of cigarette smoking. This has led to numerous kinds of debate but it still has earned and stood its ground as a means of quitting.

Although research shows that there is a very large number who have shown positive effects inclined to cessation, some researchers and medical professionals argue that this should only be the last resort when all other methods have failed. The other kinds of methods used to assist with cessation include injections, nicotine patches, nicotine gums among other forms of physical and mental approaches – then of course the electronic cigarettes like the halo e cig. Some have stood their ground and stuck to the fact that the use of electronic cigarettes is as good or even better that the uses of other methods to help smokers get rid of the habit of smoking and addiction to the same.

The use of electronic cigarettes has been in use for a very short period of time but the number increased tenfold in a very short period of time with millions opting to use this new technology. Although it is considered new, this notion is just refereeing to the time period the product has been in the market since it was launched. Actually it was discovered in the early sixties and upon intention to commercialize it, it disappeared for nearly half a century only to be re-invented by a Chinese physicists.

Initially it was known as being smokeless cigarettes and as well non-tobacco, with heated and flavored mist air intended to replace tobacco. What actually happened with this is that a fluid inside the cigarette contained nicotine; this is what was heated to a point where it turned to steam and then inhaled. The electronic cigarette which is as well considered to as first generation was then later discovered in the year 2003. This operated under a mechanism which was dependent on a heating element made of piezoelectric ultrasound which vaporizes a jet of pressurized liquid. The liquid is made up of nicotine which is diluted in a solute known as propylene glycol.

The usage of electronic cigarettes like the halo e cig has been under debate as well due to the fact that if made readily available, it might also be available to minors. This is owed to the fact that many have already gained access to such mostly via internet purchases.

The major worry with most who are skeptic about its introduction to the market is that non smokers and under age persons will now be encouraged to smoke since there is the assumption that this is a totally harmless mode of getting stimulation. This is intended to ascertain that if such kind of nicotine use is allowed, then it will have to be coupled with strict legislation which will govern its use by issuing regulations under various sections of law.

However much there is resistance, the popularity of electronic cigarettes is still growing at a very high rate and both among new users of nicotine and those who are already accustomed to its uses under many other different forms. Many of the smokers who were already used to the uses of smoked tobacco and have tried the use of electronic cigarettes claim that they get the same feeling that one gets when they smoke conventional cigarettes. With those trying to quit, statistics have shown that more than two thirds have managed to handle cessation positively via the use of the electronic cigarettes.